We are interested in understanding how fluctuations of gene expression and the interplay between transcription factors and the cell cycle regulate cell fate decisions. To tackle these problems, we use innovative approaches to quantitatively characterize the dynamics of gene expression in embryonic stem cells at the single cell level.

Prospective Post-doctoral researchers, PhD and Master students are encouraged to apply by directly writing do david.suter@epfl.ch.

Top: The levels of the Sox2 transcription factor (red) predicts the probability to differentiate into neuroectoderm (cytoplasmic green signal). Green nuclei: cells used to calibrate red and green signals. (Strebinger et al., bioRxiv 2018)

Middle: a fluorescent timer fused to the endogenous laminB1 protein allows to measure changes in protein synthesis and degradation (Alber et al., Molecular Cell 2018)

Bottom: Sox2 remains bound to chromosomes during mitosis (Deluz et al., Genes & Development 2016)